Do you love Young Adult contemporary romance? We do, too!

It could be an enemies-to-lovers tale, featuring the quarterback captain and the class valedictorian, who can’t seem to stand being in the same room together, but something keeps bringing them closer. Or maybe it’s a hidden identity of a teen celebrity trying to escape or hide from her world, only to meet an unsuspecting guy in biology class. Or it could even be those pesky fake relationships. You know, the kind when you need your boy-next-door bestfriend to pretend to be your boyfriend, so you can capture the heart of the star lacrosse player.

Whatever the trope, if it’s YA romance, we love it! I Heart YA Romance is here to bring you news and updates on the latest release from your favorite YA authors, cover reveals for an author you might’ve never heard of before, and everything in between.

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