Unwrap by Heart by Victoria Anders & Heather Dowell

He’s had this connection to her since the day they met, like she’s the lights on his Christmas tree.

Too bad she’s dating his best friend.

Today, I age out of foster care, but my foster family lets me stay, allowing me to live with my little brother, protect my foster sister, and graduate high school. But I have a secret that I let slip, and villains don’t respond well to threats. How will I survive the holidays being homeless and carrying a life-altering secret?

Falling for your best friend’s ex-girlfriend shouldn’t happen. But sometimes fate has other plans. That’s how I spend my Christmas break. No matter how hard I try to resist her, it’s futile. Every part of her calls to me subconsciously. I can’t ignore the chemistry. And best of all, she wants me. Not just wants me but needs me. Is she worth losing my best friend?

Will these two hearts come together for Christmas?



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